Fear is costing us our future. While technology holds the power to transform our economy and lives, we often throttle technological breakthroughs before they can fulfill their life-changing potential. Fueled by a mix of cultural anxieties and policy challenges, this fear-based approach risks denying humans an abundant future.

To overcome this, we must shift the popular narrative from pessimism to optimism. We must focus on the societal and policy barriers AI, energy, and other emerging technologies face. How will we do this?

  • Invest in talent development and talent assembly
  • Support a community of optimists, founders, and innovators
  • Shape public policies before emerging technologies go mainstream
  • Shift the popular narrative from pessimism to optimism

Today. Every day. Tomorrow. For the future. How different would today's discussions of AI be if we had started better conversations 10 years earlier? And how different will it be for other frontier technologies on the horizon? It's time for everyone to see the good. That's what we're here for.